Lost dog near 25th and King – now found – please ignore this post

Cody snuck out of my yard at approximately 8:45 today.  He’s wearing a collar and tags.  He’s black with patches of white on his chest and feet.  If you see him, please call 206-784-1409 or if that’s busy 206-321-4119.   He’s very sweet, but can be excitable.  Many thanks for keeping a watch out.

Update  I had barely finished posting this when he decided to amble back.   Sorry for the false alarm everyone.

So a week after we learned KOMO had started a Central District Blog

discussed here: http://www.centraldistrictnews.com/2009/08/17/corporate-medi

They seem to be averaging two posts a day and none over this last weekend. Looking at all their posts currently on the front page there is only one that has a comment. Most of the posts seem to be written by one person. There was one interesting piece actually written by someone in the KOMO news department ( http://centraldistrict.komonews.com/content/shuttered-travel), but that was the exception not the rule. They’re also definitely posting on subjects previously covered here and recycling content across all their neighborhood blogs. At this rate I don’t seem them taking too many eyes from Central District News.

Now somebody just needs to tell Ezell’s that they’re advertising on the wrong site.