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“Bar 19” coming in mid-late winter

CDN Community – a new, independent/locally owned bar is comin’ to the CD – “bar 19” We are finalizing a deal with the landlord but it looks like we will be opening a bar with eats at the corner unit on 19th and Yesler – the cool, green, live/work homes built by g-projects and designed by b9 architects!

We are applying for a FULL liquor license (fingers crossed).

Pending any major issues, the process takes around 3 months (I submitted the paperwork today). Hours of operation at this point will be 3:30 or 4pm till 10 or 11pm (or later if needed?) Any thoughts/feedback are greatly appreciated.

We will be a mellow, easy-going, everyone knows your name kind of neighborhood place serving a variety of delicious food and keeping the vibe simple and low key. 21 and over only will offer respite for those looking to decompress from their busy lives.

We are very excited about this venture!! Keep your eyes on our progress after the upcoming holidays! Kedra Reisinger (owner of All Purpose Pizza) and John Olsen

0 thoughts on ““Bar 19” coming in mid-late winter

  1. My only feedback is it’s not close enough for me to walk to. :) But it sounds great. I am officially jealous. Now if someone would just open a bar around MLK and Madison! Three French restaurants are great and all, but sometimes you just need a beer …

  2. you should do a zen and zine package with, take a yoga class and bring the receipt in for a $2 glass of wine:-)

    kidding aside, love the space and glad to see that interesting block of yesler getting some investment.

  3. I hope it’s nicer than the Twilight and perhaps less attractive to the ironic 20-something set. Also, I hope it does not contain a toddler’s play area. :)

  4. I think that’s /great/. I like Twilight but the crowd can be a little too precious for this 30-something.

    Only question: who wants and is around for a drink or sandwich at 4 in the afternoon? Upstart businesses in the CD don’t seem to cater to the hours of working folks (witness Mezza Luna). If you go to the trouble of a full bar I’d think you’d see plenty of business past 10pm – if that’s the kind of business you want.

    Good luck!

  5. Sure, it’s a few blocks uphill from MLK & Madison, but that means your walk home is all downhill…

  6. It will just be a matter of seeing how things go. All-Purpose is in a section of Leschi that dies around 9pm (which after being open for lunch and later on weekends I switched the hours to daily 4-9pm).

    For 19, We will play the hours of operation by ear in the beginning and if the demand is there, we will remain open later!!

    So excited – now just all the permitting and licensing hurdles….

  7. As a resident near 20th and Norman and a happy customer of APP, I am delighted to read this!

  8. I hope you serve coffee and tea late as well, I will be living on 16th and yesler and would love that to become a new hangout for me in the evenings (not a big bar drinker!).

  9. Can you have a very large selection of beers on tap to include cask beer and English cider (strongbow, bulmers, etc.on tap). And while I am at it how about chairs and tables on the sidewalk in summer?

  10. Great to see an much needed establishment being set up close by. We will definetely give it a shot and be supportive. We live right down the road of APP and also support that. Wondering if you considered the commercial space in those new apartment buildings on Jackson and 18th or 19th(?) with the “Wonder Bread” sign on the top? If so, why did the Yesler location win out? Are the Jackson spaces over priced?

  11. The building is a live/work and we plan to live above that is why we chose that location!

  12. Our plan is to have 12 beers on tap (5 “popular” (mannys, hales, maritime, pliny, PBR/Bud) and 7 not so popular in rotation).

    We plan to do beer tastings too (maybe beer/food parings!?)

    The space is small, so it will be a cozy joint – I think our max seating will fall under 40 people…

    I can’t do it now, but I plan to apply for a outdoor permit – there are a lot of limitation with the city and ADA regulations so I am not sure what will work for that area just yet…!!

  13. Wow, kedra, that sounds so lovely. I second the suggestion to have some kind of cider on tap – I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I love hard cider!

  14. this is very exciting! i for one am planning on becoming a regular and working towards a plaque with my name on it at the bar…

    Seriously, this area lacks in neighborhood bars, so I’m all in for doing my part when you guys open.

    How great will it be to get good coffee at Soho Coffee Company (20th & Yesler) then head over for beer!

  15. Note to self – budget for plaque issuance…(grin)

    thanks everyone!!

    sooo happy this is happening and that people are into it!

  16. Got it Kedra! Best of luck with the work to get it open. We’ll stay tuned. Hopefully you will have boundary bay on tap!!

  17. Is there going to be a TV at the bar? I don’t like it when the TV is left on all the time but I like it when bars have TV for big events like Baseball playoffs and elections.

  18. This bar will do well, I live in the immediate area and talk with neighbors often about how we need a place for drinks and eats. I have also thought about opening a place and doing the same thing with local not so known brews/wines with food pairings, you should get a good loyal following from promoting them. You could also cater to the PRAT Art Center for art showings etc, artists like to eat and drink. Really excited! I will be a regular. Location is killer with all the apartments/condos nearing completion, not to mention there is a bus stop right out front. Hurry up with those permits, I’m thirsty!

  19. How fancy is it going to be?

    Can you give an example of the types of eats there will be?

    It’s going to be quite a culture clash

  20. I work at 23rd and Jackson, and I am sick to death of Taco Del Mar and our other very limited options.

  21. Congrats on the new venture but I hope we learn more via channels I learned about through another CDN story.

    “And remember that advertising is what keeps your favorite indie site in business. Anyone can advertise on CDNews, and reach thousands of people right near them, for as low as $2.50 a day.”
    Has there ever been an APP ad here?

  22. I am sooo excited! Finally a bar that takes less than 15 minutes for me to walk to. I’ve been missing having bars so close since I moved off the hill last summer. I’m very happy to hear about his place opening. Thanks!

  23. just down the street from 19th and Yesler is Soho Coffee, 20th and Yesler. Open til 7pm monday to saturday and 5pm on Sunday.