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Dump truck loses brakes, hits Cleaners – Updated w/Video

A dump truck full of gravel lost its brake on Madison around 8:30 this morning and hit two parked cars and the cleaners building at MLK an Madison.

The building suffered significant damage, and the truck is still wedged under the building overhang more than an hour later.

Crews are now out with an excavator and are preparing to move the load of gravel into a waiting truck.

0 thoughts on “Dump truck loses brakes, hits Cleaners – Updated w/Video

  1. Hope everyone is ok and that the business owners can recover. I was supposed to pick up my pants from there tomorrow morning! Sounds like it could have been much worse.

  2. … with the faulty brakes? That company put the driver and the public at risk, and should be cited. Imagine if the truck had started down the hill into Mad Valley. That could’ve made the national news (shudder).

    And more importantly, where’s the myspace link for the driver’s band?!

  3. Been driving for over 8 years and you did the right move. It takes only tenths of a second to make a decision like you did. On behalf of all drivers, “Job well done, Bro”! Hope everyone is okay, and you can thank our Father in Heaven that no one got seriously injured. Oh by the way, what’s the name of your band? You didn’t quite get it out on the video.

  4. That was Mad Valley. Or did you mean over the side across from the Arboretum?

    I wonder if he was bringing gravel to the demolition two doors up from me.

  5. Yes, a great to plug your band, your status as the lead singer and express your views on the Death Penalty. Good grief!

  6. The only reason I mentioned my band at all was for a laugh from my band members in a situation that could have been fatal to myself or someone else. Thank you Scott for the video and thank you all for your kind comments. I truly hope that everyone turns out ok especially the guy in the grey car Stuart Monsma.

  7. That hill stretches for about a half mile and at a fairly steep grade. Try that with no brakes and a loaded dump truck. I am glad that building was made of stone.
    Good Work Chad and you were right about serial killers too….

  8. Given what had just happened, dude I am AMAZED that you were even able to speak at all. You were trying to process a decision that was the right decision, even though you probably were scared ****less and had to crash into a building. Good job!

  9. what a complete douchebag!!!
    Nice job driving but for pete’s sake stop with the self back patting.
    These were instincts that took over not decisions that you made. Way to go but get over yourself.

  10. For taking a loaded (most likely an overloaded truck) down that hill, for not pre-tripping the truck, for not adjusting his brakes, for not dynamiting his emergency brakes (you know that red button on the dash? ), for going down that hill in to high of a gear, and most of all for his lame excuses and I’m a hero attitude after he almost killed a few people this idiot gets the Stupid Moron award of the year.
    Stay with the band. You are not fit to be on the road in a truck.

  11. Accidents happen as a result of stupid mistakes and lack of experience. I wonder if the guy was given a drug test after the “mistake” or even if he was given a pre employment drug screen. I wonder if he even had insurance. This dude was hi on something. I cant believe his give a ^*+k attitude. It’s no wonder truck drivers get a bad reputation.
    Face it people, do you want freaks like this operating heavy equipment on the same streets that you wife and kids are driving on?

  12. John let me spell out the facts for you. 98 percent of the people who have commented on this issue are on my side and only 2 percent are on yours that’s why people like you cannot affect me in th slightest. You should feel very alone at this moment. To call people names and judge them just makes you look bad not me. You should remember and thank me for that little nugget. I hope you are well and get over your anger someday. I also hope that you are never faced with going down a very steep hill with no brakes and have to make a decision in a split second whether to hit a building and possibly be killed or kill some one else by staying on a very busy street. Chad

  13. You are a pompus ASS, that’s why you sound like one.. Stay off the road, & HA HA nice band, what a joke………

  14. I personally know this guy and he is an IDIOT. For one he is NOT in a band called stranded. he left the band and tried to break it up and now it is reformed without him and he has NO band. Chad is a washed up Kareoke singer with no life. Believe nothing this guy says. He was probably looking in his rear view mirror admiring his ugly face as he blew through a red light and smashed through that building. Then he says “I saved alot of lives”… hahaha! what a joke. This dude should be locked up in a psyco ward. I would check whats in that coffee cup if i was there on the scene. I think he likes Monarch Vodka.. the real cheap stuff. Good thing no one in that building was standing by that wall huh moron boy. Then what would you have done. I dont think you cared at that point. ..Anyways better get back to Stranded practice huh? whatever helps you sleep at night.

  15. I am Chads girl, he is a good person, he has had a hard life and always tries to do the right thing. I am sorry that there are people that try to hurt other people with there words, sad.
    I know this man, Ive been with him for over 5 years, and to judge him like you do is alarming to me. It is sad that humanity has come to this, where is the compassion?, where is the love for another human being??? I am tired of people that don’t care of about others.
    He did the right thing, I was there after the fact. Steve Cook, if you want to slam him, be a man and do it privatly…..