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Found Bicycle on 26th Avenue

I came across an apparently abandoned bicycle on the sidewalk at the corner of 26th Avenue and Fir Street this morning (7/9/09) around 7:20am and two hours later see that it is still there (someone moved it slightly into the grass parking strip). I suspect it is stolen and then abandoned — one plastice pedal was partially broken off and I saw the piece of pedal halfway down the block from the bike. It is an adult mountain bike. I have already called it in to the police non-emergency line (206-625-5011) and they said they were going to send someone by to check on it, so the police department may end up in possession of it if it is not still there in the near future.

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  1. Is the bike a dark green Kona mtn bike. We had one stolen about a month ago on 26th. Please let me know who to contact with the police to inquire more.