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CD News Police Scanner – 7/9

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Thursday, July 9, 2009

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  1. Why is it necessary to refer to the individual in custody for shoplifting as a “tranny?” Would you refer to a suspect who identified themselves as gay or lesbian (or whom the cops labeled as such) as “faggy” or “dykey”?

  2. I agree also – this detail s/b omitted unless it is needed for explanation, such as in a hate crime, and then it s/b “transgendered person,” not “tranny.”

  3. well oh well if he didnt mean transient…..really who cares….i guess next time he should use the word transgender person…but really it all means the same thing…..who cares…ill still read your scanner cdguy..i like your scanner reports everyday

  4. who cares if the person referred to the transgendered fella as “tranny”…lighten up people. Seattle proves once again, overly PC!

  5. In this case, it appears we were not being warned to be aware of an escaped criminal, so I wonder why gender even needed to be mentioned. It seemed to me there was a shoplifting, and that they were taken into custody, end of story so why go further?

  6. I agree, lighten up, for those out of the loop of pop culture, ‘Tranny’ was made very popular on a Bravo Tv program called Project Runway. You can take all the other ‘PC’ terms away from me but never Tranny, I grew up on it as a gay guy and will use it until I die. TRANNY!

  7. what’s next, start using the n-word when describing a black suspect? fuck you and your unacknowledged bigotry.

  8. The crackers and honkies that run the site and regularly contribute could really care less about offending a transgendered person. duh.

  9. you are spot on resident lady, I know I could care less, the heat must be getting to people up in here. I am sure the trannys are grateful for you sticking up for them.

  10. Well slap a tranny and call me silly.
    All this time I thought a cracker was a honkie!

    Im glad to see that race is nolonger an issue
    in the newly gentrified Central District.

  11. from your comment in slog:

    “Each friendship, each relationship, each casual acquaintance sets up its own social rules. There are things I can say to one friend I can’t say to another because of the depth of our friendship, their experiences, my experiences, or some other fact.

    For example, I usually refer to myself as a queer man, but a friend of mine from South Africa still sees “queer” as a slur, so I don’t address him that way or use that word around him. By that same token, I doubt there’s any situation I could walk up to many of my black friends and call them “my nigga,” despite the fact that many of those same friends call each other that all the time.

    A friend of mine likes to blame everything that happens to him on the fact that he’s Mexican, so he’ll walk in and tell us “The boss was riding my wetback self again…”

    Whether a thing is racism or not depends entirely on who’s saying it, with what intent, and to whom they are saying it.
    Posted by Phelix | November 15, 2007 10:09 AM “

  12. That is a bit wordy for me, and I don’t visit or use the slog. Glad to know that I have a doppleganger.