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FOUND: Cell Phone after 6/19 Teen Brawl

I found a cell phone on the morning of 6/20 on 25th Avenue near Fir St. following last night’s apparent teen brawl in the area between 25th and 26th Aves and Yesler Way. I assume this may be someone’s phone from the incident. It won’t power up, so either the battery is dead or it may be broken. If you lost a phone in that area on 6/19 (or early 6/20) email me at [email protected] with a description of the missing phone (make, cell carrier, etc).

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  1. I also saw a lost phone on S Washington St near 16th Ave. A prepaid flip phone, missing the battery and battery cover, lying open in the street. Picked it up and set it off of the road near the sidewalk so it wouldn’t get driven over, so it’s still out there if you think you lost it. Although it won’t be much use without the missing pieces.