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Entire Eact Precinct fleet going N on MLK, 9:40pm?

pretty much right now?

anybody? i saw six cars minimum going North.

Update: by scott:  A detective had stopped to talk to a man at 23rd & Spring who matched the description of a suspect in a recent robbery.   But the suspect drove off before they could make an ID on him.   It went south on 23rd, East on Columbia, south on MLK, north on MLK, east on Madison, north through the arboretum, and then west on Boyer.  The pursuit was called off as it approached Roanoke, and it sounds like the driver got away after that.

There was another man who was somehow associated who was kept by another officer at the original scene at 23rd & Spring.  It’s not clear if he was arrested or not.

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  1. I saw this too, I think near its start. I was near the front window of my house, heard a fast car coming down Columbia from 24th, went to window and saw something like a late 90’s Taurus going about 50mph, with an ‘unmarked’ police car (the kind that look like a police car without the paint job and with the lights mounted inside instead of on the roof) following with lights and siren. Then we heard the chorus of other police cars joining in on what sounded like MLK.

    Can the scanner guys check it out for us to find the cause? Thanks!

  2. i saw 6 cars roll by when i was outside and there were several more before/after that. i’m trying hard to understand how they couldn’t catch this person. hard

  3. And if they had gotten into an accident harming civilians while pursuing this person, you would have tried “hard” to understand that, too.

  4. Yes, and when YOUR house is broken into, or somebody you care about is hurt by a guy the police had in custody and let get away, you will try ‘hard’ to understand that too.

  5. I’ve been pretty upfront as to who I am.

    i am not a cop and i certainly understand they have a tough job. i respect them a great deal.

    I do, however, have a low tolerance for ineffective police activity in our neighborhood, and I think it’s fair to say we’re not seeing the impact of any increased/enhanced/more strategic police presence. Taking out this frustration on what appears to be a failed chase last night was unfair.

    I will say I am still frustrated by the overall crime issues in this neighborhood and look forward to bringing our community together via the CD Neighborhood Association.

    edit: when people can break-in and walk down the street with a stolen TV, you just have to ask yourself, “how much longer can I take this?”