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Miller Playfield: new surface, pick-up games?

Nest Wednesday [6:30PM, Miller] the Parks Department will hold a meeting to talk about their plans for a synthetic playing surface (like that at Bobby Morris) at Miller Playfield, 330 – 19th Ave. E.. Details on Miller blog

There I also present 3 ideas to make life better for everyone when the renovated playfield opens:


I’d like your support for those ideas at the meeting (assuming you agree). 

Getting a significant chunk of unscheduled time on the field for pick-up games will surely be the most difficult. If there’s a core group of you interested in pick-up games I’d encourage you to get together and come to the meeting as an organized group. All the ball teams have large organizations and we can expect them there in force.

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  1. looks forward to adding Miller Park as one of our game spots as we expand to Seattle!