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CDNews Police Scanner – 10/31

From Seattle’s East Precinct – Halloween Editionmade with extra Spooky!!

0 thoughts on “CDNews Police Scanner – 10/31

  1. There was a forced entry burglary at 800 25th Ave yesterday. Is there a good way to let those residents know they are being cased/victimized? Are flyers a good idea?

  2. Pretty sure its not the same house, just the same block, but cops were pretty sure they’re the same dudes.

  3. That’s what I mean — the crooks are targeting a street. This happened where I live – to me and all of my neighbors. We were all burglarized, some houses twice. It wasn’t until we found out about the repeated incidents that we wised up, locked gates, got to know each other and started watching out.

  4. it’s absurd to me that the same guys, with the same names that everybody knows, can do this in broad daylight.


  5. How are they seen carrying the TV but yet there is no description. I agree with Elvis this is total BS. I bet I know exactly which house they carried it to.
    We need more patrols around here so they can respond faster.