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Vote local – call national

Everyone seems to agree that the Washington Electoral College voters will cast their votes for Obama. The national trends seem also to be going his way, but that’s no reason to be complacent (or despondent).

The Princeton Election Consortium’s website seems to be an honest, clever, hard-working effort to document and analyze what’s actually happening. They note, in an ever-updated manner, which States they consider ‘safe” and which are “leaning” one way or the other. Their Java map also lets you try out the possible outcomes.

Here’s a simple suggestion that might, possibly, make a difference.  I (and maybe you) probably won’t be able to persuade friends and relations in “leaning” States to change their allegiances. BUT we might be able to convince those who thought that their vote wasn’t going to make a difference to GO OUT and VOTE.

So, look at the national map, choose a State that’s leaning your way, and get on the phone/computer/whatever and remind your buddies that their vote really will make a difference.

On behalf of democracy, thank you!

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  1. Here’s another great resource on the same subject. This guy has been covering elections for a few years now. Content covers local elections too and is intelligent, comprehensive and easy to digest. Follow both and stay informed!