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Reclaiming the Neighborhood From Gangs March

I just saw these folks march down 23rd, having started from Dearborn. A member of the group said they were marching to reclaim the neighborhood from gangs.

Update:  Justin just send me this other pic of them heading up Madison, and I got another report that they were heading downtown.

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  1. Did they say where the March was going to end? I would like to be able to be there if there’s a demonstration or a vigil or something.

  2. A group walked north on 28th Ave. S. with a police escort (motorcycles and cars with lights flashing) in frot and in back of the group. They had no signs to say what was the purpose. We, too, would have participated if we had known about the march/walk. It would be nice to have candies to throw to the children who stopped on the sidewalks to watch.
    Garry & Barbara Rosson 523 – 28th Ave. S. (206) 722-6318

  3. I regret that I missed this. When is the next march? Today there were about 10 strung out people standing around on the corner of 24th and Spring waiting for their dealer. I can’t believe how often I see drug transactions in this neighborhood. People are constantly getting out of their cars (a block or two away) and heading to that house on 27th and Spring. It is so obvious that there’s shenanigans going on there. Hello police – are you paying attention!!!

  4. The cops are definitely aware of the issues at 27th and Spring…..and 24th and Spring for that matter. (I talked to them about it at the Block Party). There is also a lot of stuff happening around the corner in front of the 99 cent store/laundromat. Things had quieted down at 24th and Spring when the boarded up house started getting fixed up. However, over the past few days I’ve noticed an upswing in strung out folks hanging out on the sidewalk. If you see any dealing or prostitution, call 911. The cops need to know that the activity is on the rise again.

  5. I live a couple houses down from the houses on 27th and Spring I think you all are referring to, and I haven’t seen anything too alarming in my 10+ years living here. All of the boys (I think there are 3 total) seem to be kind, respectful young men. If anything, you might want to talk to the girlfriend’s of these boys. On multipule occasions I have seen a gorgous young hispanic or mixed race girl with long curly hair. I have also seen an African American girl with blond hair in her late teens. Both of them hang out with these boys or seem to be their girlfriends. I’m quite sure they could end up telling you more than us sitting around making assumputions.