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Tougo Coffee Co 1st night out Aug 5

Hello all! this is one of the first large events (Tougo Coffee Co Block Party) that we are hoping to sponsor for our neighborhood inhabitants. We have been planing the 1st night out for the TT Minor/Squire Park locals for the last 6 months and on August 5th starting at 4PM,ending at 9PM.
We have gotten a few of you to commit to helping with live music, cooking, clowns need 2 more ;-).

We have 2 Burning Man jugglers, 3 cooks, 2 different jazz sets, and would like some folks to step up and help us out. We need to add a safety captain (will explain) we need a face painter type to paint faces for our children, also someone please make a pinata =) for me. I will throw a latte your way

Please shoot me an e-mail or stop by the shop if you have an idea, and or are willing to pitch in. Donations to cover some of the costs of this event are greatly appreciated and a donations will be accepted by check @ Tougo Coffee Co. So please tell one tell all come out and join the fun.

We Love you all.
Thank you



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