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CD Scanner – 7/11

It’s Friday! ┬áHere’s the scoop:

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  1. I know it is far afield from your usual realm but do you know anything about an arrest on Prospect between 11th and 12th (across from Volunteer Park) at about 8:30 this morning? There were 2 or 3 police cars and they were hand-cuffing a dude who seemed like he had been a passenger in a jeep cherokee. Didn’t get the chance to gawk long enough to figure out what the deal was and didn’t see anything about it on the 911 website. Thanks.

  2. Sorry- that arrest coincided with my Friday gym schedule, so I missed it on the scanner. We’ll keep an eye out for the police report

  3. Thanks! It looked a little undercover-ish (based on many years of Law & Order) so it sparked a little more nosey interest than usual.

  4. Good one!!! I do not shop there. It was good 20 years ago but it is the poster child for ghetto food stores.

  5. I am a housekeeper and I resent your comment about counting the silver. Dipshits who leave their alarms on don’t get any more of MY excellent service, and I am thoroughly weary of people, some who make a lot less an hour than I do, suspecting me of dishonesty. As to the Red Apple…I suppose you prefer Safeway, because big national chains who routinely treat their employees like crap are SO much more Yuppie.

  6. The reason the red wilted apple is sooo bad is becaues when it was good the owners would not pay its union staff what they asked for and they striked and eventually left. What you have now is the corporate culture result. It is a good idea to KNOW rather than assume. The first three letters in assume are ASS.