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Your Parade Needs You

Every summer for the 10 years I’ve lived here, I and my neighbors have enjoyed gathering along 23rd and watching our annual Seafair-related community parades.  But there’s been a noticeable trend over the last several years:  fewer and fewer participants and a shorter and shorter parade.

So this is where all of you come in.  Maybe you’re new here (welcome!), or maybe you’ve previously just been a spectator, or maybe you ignored them all together.  The community needs you to help out, march in the parade, and make it a big rousing success.

So you’re probably thinking “why the hell would I be in a parade?”   The reason is up to you.  The key is to get a group of friends and neighbors and create a fun group that can march or drive together and show your CD spirit.  

Here’s some ideas:

  • In a blockwatch?  Get your other blockwatch members, create a paper sign to announce who you are, and show your crime-fighting dedication
  • In a church?  Do some faith-based community building!  Round up the other church members in the hood and strut your stuff (I’m looking a you, Mars Hillsters)
  • Have one of the cool art cars I’ve seen around?  Get your other art-car owning friends and create a “CD Art Wheels” group and show them off along the parade route
  • Working on a P-Patch?  Put on your overalls, round up your pitch forks and hoes and advertise your group to the rest of the community

If none of those apply, do something random and fun with your kids, pets, and neighbors – it just takes a little imagination and creativity.

Registration is totally free – just download this form from the community festival’s website.   Just make sure and get it in by the August 5th deadline.

The parade is Saturday August 16th at noon, starting at 23rd & Union and ending at Cherry & MLK.   And its just one part of the larger Central Area Community Festival  taking place at the Garfield Community Center.

Get out.  Participate in your community.  Help make some summer fun.

0 thoughts on “Your Parade Needs You

  1. How about a Neighborhood bloggers’ float: need be nothing more than a load of geeks (and geekettes) in a convertible typing away as they roll along. Web addresses on sides of vehicles. Throw business cards with list of URLs.

    Would be even weirder if we could live blog the parade and post pictures of the audience as we roll along….

    Just a thought.


  2. sign me up! Me thinks a realtime site showing the GPS location of the float. Perhaps we could get the Google camera car to roll by at this time so we can be imortalized with a parade in the neighborhood…

  3. “Even though I hate seafair.”
    When we move to Seattle my wife’s boss explained that only native-born Seattleites really “get” Seafair.

    So, consult Bowie.

  4. we’ll bust out the trikes/wagons and get 22nd ave to “represent”

    thanks for posting this…we need more FUN things to do instead of complain about gas prices and home invasions.

  5. Ha ha. My bro-in-law is an actor/screenwriter. He called me in a panic one day wanting to know about Seattle summer ‘festivals’ for a throw away line, ‘I’ll see you at…’ So, I interrogated him first. Where is the movie being shot – Canada. Well, if you swear you will not show the skyline of Vancouver and pretend it’s Seattle, I will give you thre magic words. He swore, so I said: Memorial Day weekend is Folk Life, Labor Day weekend is Bumbershoot, and Seafair is ALL summer long!