0 thoughts on “Danny Westneat column about 25th/Columbia murder

  1. “Serious” Knowledge? Is he referring to Saviour Knowledge? I don’t mean to detract from the serious point of the article – it is thoughtful and well-written, as Danny’s columns usually are – but it’s important to get people’s names right – or is there actually also someone there at 23 & U named Serious Knowledge?

    UPDATE: Email reply from Danny W. just confirmed that he did mean Saviour, not Serious.

  2. “He was part of the urban landscape. There’s a feeling his killing was, too.”

    Quoted for the truth.

  3. Carolyn above e-mailed me about this. Yes, it’s Saviour Knowledge, as anyone who visits 23rd and Union knows — including me. I have written about Saviour’s chess night before, and why I mis-wrote his name as Serious this time I can only chalk up to a brain freeze. My sincere apologies to Saviour.
    Danny Westneat, Seattle Times

  4. “Saviour Knowledge, who works at 23rd and East Union and who knew Peters, says the sorry truth is society judges some lives to be worth more than others.”

    Hate to break the sad facts to you, “Saviour”, but my life IS worth FAR MORE than the life of some druggie criminal, no matter what their race is.