Yet Another Incident by Spring/MLK

My wife just found a bloodied man lying unconscious on the sidewalk on Spring and MLK.  She called 911 and fire and paramedics responded in quick time.   He may have been inebriated but the medics commented that his pockets where pulled out and it looked like he had bruising on his face.  I think they took him to the hospital and I sure hope he’s ok.

I’m very curious to what the final police report says.  Seems like there’s been quite a lot of incidents recently around the Spring,MLK,Marion block with the stabbing, robbery last night and now this.  Very Troubling. 

Anyone missing a bike?

Coming home from work today there was a little surprise — one silver mountain bike (giant brand) with a missing front wheel in my front yard.  The bike was flipped over as if someone might have been working on it.  Its a well used, tired and nice bike.  I live over on the 900 block of 27th.  If anyone happens to be missing one, please add a comment here so I can get in contact with you.

Found Keys 25th and Spring

While walking my dog I found  a set of keys in very tall grass in front of the houses along 25th and Spring just west of the pea patch.  The keys have a single keychain in the shape of a star and is made of clear plastic.

If anyone knows the owner please add a comment on how to get in touch with you to return the keys.

Large amount of police activity

Wow…sitting down to right an email to my block and the night was lit up with flashing police lights and sirens. Something big is going down in the neighborhood. I jumped on the scanner feed and heard them chasing someone out of the Grocery Mart parking lot south on MLK. Sounds like a police chase also occurred.

Serious break-in last night?

Through the email grape-line, I just heard about what amounts to be a very serious break-in that occurred last night at the 1900 block of 31st. Ave. South. Does anyone know any more of the details of what happened? According to the email, three individuals used a ladder to enter a (occupied) home through a open 2nd story window at 1:30 am. One of the occupants was seriously beaten and ended up in the hospital with a fractured skull.