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Yet Another Incident by Spring/MLK

My wife just found a bloodied man lying unconscious on the sidewalk on Spring and MLK.  She called 911 and fire and paramedics responded in quick time.   He may have been inebriated but the medics commented that his pockets where pulled out and it looked like he had bruising on his face.  I think they took him to the hospital and I sure hope he’s ok.

I’m very curious to what the final police report says.  Seems like there’s been quite a lot of incidents recently around the Spring,MLK,Marion block with the stabbing, robbery last night and now this.  Very Troubling. 

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Incident by Spring/MLK

  1. All right! Now something I can’t get into. I will be leading a hammer march from the I-90 pedestrian tunnel,starting on the east end, to 23rd and Cherry. Will pass through parks most of the way.

    Bring your hammer! 6:45 pm tonight. Sunday.

  2. Hammer out crime!

    I would be down for this, I think it would be a good event for the community that would a message to various miscreants, like thugs, thieves and politicians.

    This should be organized for real.