Shot fired when man challenges robbers with a hammer at 27th and Marion, nobody injured

A shot was fired when a man resisted a robbery around 10 p.m. November 25, according to SPD. According to police, the man pulled a hammer from his bag and charged at three attempted robbers. Nobody was injured.

From SPD:

On November 25th, at approximately 10:09 pm, East Precinct officers responded to a report of shots fired with a victim standing by for contact with officers in the area of 27th Avenue East and East Marion Street.  When officers arrived, they learned that a group of unidentified suspects had attempted to rob the male victim at gunpoint.  The weapon was fired during the confrontation, but no one was struck.

The victim told officers that he was walking on 27th, approaching Marion Street when he passed a group of males standing on the corner. As he passed the group, three of the suspects began following him.  He stated that he turned to speak to the suspects when one of the men produced a handgun and demaned his bag.  The victim pulled a hammer out of his bag and held it high in an effort to intimidate the suspects.  According to the victim, the suspects repeated their demand and the victim charged toward the suspects.  It was at that time that the gun was discharged, although the victim was not sure if the shot was aimed at him or not.  The suspects then fled northbound on 27th Avenue East. 

The victim ran a few blocks and called 911.  The responding officers conducted an area search, but the suspects were not located.  It does not appear that anyone or any property was damaged by the gunshot.  Officers did recover one spent semi-automatic shell casing from the street at 27th and Marion.

The description of the suspects is as follows:

#1 Black male, early 20s, 6’0, 140-150, wearing black hooded winter coat and khaki pants.  Armed with gun.

#2 Black male, early 20s, 5′ 8″, 150, wearing black coat and black pants.

#3 Black male, early 20s, no further description.

5 thoughts on “Shot fired when man challenges robbers with a hammer at 27th and Marion, nobody injured

  1. The Seattle Times is bad enough with neighborhoods and streets, but not even the police can get addresses right? 27th Ave E begins at E Denny. This was at Marion & 27th Ave, not 27th Ave E.

  2. Very impressive hammerman! You are my hero today.
    What I want to know is how is it possible the cops cannot seem to identify or nail these thugs? These same punks have been jumping people for months now. They even robbed a person in a wheelchair by tipping him over.. these are NOT people that belong on our streets. If the cops cannot or will not take care of this, then I’m going to have to ask Phoenix Jones to step in. This shit has gone on too long.

  3. Hammerman is lucky to be alive. Hopefully others won’t be inspired by this insane act to similarly fend off a GUN with a HAMMER.

  4. Actually Wave the hammer move may be better than you think. Weapons are only as effective as the person using them. Quite obviously the gun toting criminals are complete morons. They were out done by a guy with a hammer. It is very simple to take out a gun or two if you know how. Equally us gun toters need to reckoginze the vulnerability of thinking you can pull and fire your gun be for the guy with a knife cuts you. It is probably better to just take the knive and stab them than to try and pull your gun and shoot. Bottom line is you gotta be quick. And hammerman was quick. I am inspired.