Chief Kerlikowske as drug czar

Most folks have heard the news; now it’s time to state what you think.

Will this be good for the police force?

Good to the CD?

Is he good for the job considering his performance in Seattle?

Are you stunned?

Personally, I’m hopeful that Nickels will appoint somebody whose name I can spell regularly, at least without having to look it up everytime. 

Moral Ambiguity

On Sat night, my wife and i sat down for a movie on the ol’ tele. At around 9pm, we heard a knock on the door. I don’t normally open the door since my dog goes ballastic when strangers arive. So I looked through the peep hole and saw a man standing at the door.

I said hello and asked him what was going on. He pointed across the street, said he was a new neighbor, and asked if I knew where “Lincoln Towing” was located. I said I did not. At this point he left.

I was pretty weirded out by such a random visit, while at the same time sad that we are not a culture/neighborhood that welcomes the random visit.

In my guilt I decided to step outside and talk to the gentleman further, possibly getting to know a real neighbor in need. I walked outside and saw him enter the gate of the house across the street. As I walked over, I saw him talking to the owner of the house across the street. As I approached, he kinda waved me off, like he didn’t want me to interupt his conversation. I went right over to their conversation and asked if he had found out the information he needed. The owner of the home looked rather uncomfortable and as soon as I engaged the inquiring man, he saw his chance to bail and promptly shut his door. I engaged with the man, first with him telling me he wasn’t from around here and didn’t know where the towing company was. I said, “wait, i thought you said you moved in around the corner?” He got a bit upset at being challenged. Then he told me the cross streets for the towing company and I said the #2 bus probably went decently close to the location. To this he said thanks and walked away.

Now, on the one hand I feel really guilty about assuming this guy was casing properities or up to no good. He was African-American and smelled of booze, but was I profiling this guy? On the other hand, given the rash of break-ins and general mischief around the CD, I thought I was appropriately cautious. I didn’t call the cops.

So how should I have reacted? Did I overreact? Did I act appropriately? Should I have called the cops?