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A Third Nickels Term

Joel Connelly writes about Mayor Nickels’ bid for a third term and his quiet confidence in the current run up to the campaign.

Without a solid opponent getting in the race right now, it appears he’s going to cruise.

What do you think?  I wish this wonderful site had a polling function? :-)  (the new advanced editing is killer, tho)

0 thoughts on “A Third Nickels Term

  1. between the ‘green roof’ and no solar panels on the new emergency command center (guess they can make some bio-d to power stuff when we have a natural disaster and are cut off), the disdain for actual trees that grow on actual land, and demanding ‘workforce’ housing incentives to build for well above average incomes in Seattle, he is giving all of us Obama supporter types a really bad name. I’m afraid that people will vote for ‘anyone but’ and it will be worse. What’s really scary is that he’ll get federal money and feed it right into his personal patronage system. A la Tammany Hall.

    I disagree with the anti streetcar attitude in the following article, but it’s right on concerning accountability and transparency:

    I want Peter Steinbrueck to run. Desperately.