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Cool Holiday Displays in the CD?

I personally love getting around the neighborhood and seeing good decorations in December.  Before everyone yells at me about the use of electricity, I stand firm on supporting some light in the darkness.  And, the LCDs need to come down in price and do better with the colors.

The best house used to be near MLK School where they made the front windows into Santa’s workshop.  The wife passed away a few years back and the widower sold :-(

On my street, one couple tries to get everyone to decorate.  I usually do a token string of something around the fence as I will not deal with ladders outside.  Since the rest of us are decorating ‘poopers’, these neighbors have up’d the ante this year and have a very colorful and musical display going.  Cheers me up to no end.  

It’s on 27th south of Denny.  I apologize for the crudeness of my camera skills.


Also, the Madison Valley merchants have wrapped the trees with fairy lights.

Anyone else have a good tip?  Maybe for a walkabout in the neighborhood?

0 thoughts on “Cool Holiday Displays in the CD?

  1. MLK and Alder has a super decked out display–complete with inflated Santa and Nativity scene.

  2. My neighbors in the 900 block of MLK Way have a great display of icicle lights, lit reindeer in the yard and a Frosty the Snowmen foursome on the porch. It’s so cheerful!

  3. This isn’t a great display of lights, but several houses have them up, so collectively it is worth a swing through. The house at the corner of 24th and Columbia is the most decked out.