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Know a good masseuse?

looking for somebody in the neighborhood, preferably Madison Valley.

want to spend about $60.  have exactly $10 for tip

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  1. Glow (corner of MLK and Madison–same building as Essential Bakery) has two massage therapists:

    I haven’t had a massage there (I go for Acupuncture and Chiropractic), but I’ve met the masseuses, heard really good things about their treatments, and the whole place is great.

    (Disclosure: since going to Glow for the past 2.5 years, I’ve become friends with some of the people there and my company designed and built their website.)

    P.S. if you’re only joking, due to the recent Lavender incident–oh. ha ha ha! No one is going to be able to mention massage and Madison Valley in the same sentence, and keep a straight face, for a while . . .

  2. There are some great practitioners who operate out of the Union Center for Healing. I’ve had acupuncture from Vicki (who I would recommend highly) but I’ve heard good things about their body work people too.

    2100 E Union St – (between 21st Ave & 22nd Ave)

    (206) 409-0566

  3. I’ve used Massage Envy and the Downtown Y. I’m a member at both so I pay a different rate. You don’t have to be a member of the Y to get massage through. Foley is great – but don’t go to Brian. Massage Envy has a $39 rate for first time users. I’ve had a bunch of different folks and liked all but one.