uptick in litter?

anybody noticed an uptick in litter around the neighborhood? not sure if it’s summer (kids are out, etc), but I am noticing more candy wrappers, bottles, etc, all over the neighborhood.

I am busting out my grabbers and cleaning up my block tonight.

missing mtn bike

are you missing a mtn bike? black coloring with a black and white hard seat (very italian looking)?

if so, i witnessed a gentleman spray painting one in the alley by 27th and Pike yesterday morning. I called the police, who asked a curious question–“how do you know it’s stolen?” My response: “well, i don’t often see people randomly spray painting bikes on the street. not a really popular hobby for bike owners.” flabbergasted at the stupidity of the question.

upon review of the concrete where the bike was being sprayed, the gentleman left a “E Union St Hustlers” tag on the alley. my guess is he wasn’t just making his bike look better.

So, if you’re missing a bike, some folks up on 22nd and Union might just have it.