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missing mtn bike

are you missing a mtn bike? black coloring with a black and white hard seat (very italian looking)?

if so, i witnessed a gentleman spray painting one in the alley by 27th and Pike yesterday morning. I called the police, who asked a curious question–“how do you know it’s stolen?” My response: “well, i don’t often see people randomly spray painting bikes on the street. not a really popular hobby for bike owners.” flabbergasted at the stupidity of the question.

upon review of the concrete where the bike was being sprayed, the gentleman left a “E Union St Hustlers” tag on the alley. my guess is he wasn’t just making his bike look better.

So, if you’re missing a bike, some folks up on 22nd and Union might just have it.

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  1. KONA mountain bike stolen By younk00 (0 votes) (report abuse)
    We live on 26th & Dearborn and just had one of our mountain bikes stolen from our garage. Whoever thought that the bike was more theirs than ours also dented and scratched my husband’s car in the garage while trying to get the bike. If anyone sees a dark green KONA brand, Cinder Cone model, hard tail mountain bike with normal pedals, please let us or the police know. We have filed a report with the police. My husband is going to be a very lonely mountain biker until his wife gets her bike back.