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uptick in litter?

anybody noticed an uptick in litter around the neighborhood? not sure if it’s summer (kids are out, etc), but I am noticing more candy wrappers, bottles, etc, all over the neighborhood.

I am busting out my grabbers and cleaning up my block tonight.

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  1. Most concerning to me are the booze bottles and broken glass. I clean my yard and the sidewalk and curb nearly every day, but it seems like a loosing battle.

  2. I just picked up around my sidewalk strip moments before reading the entry. I’m not sure if it’s worse or I am just getting really tired of it. It’s infuriating because it’s so easy to not litter. Why do people have to litter so badly?

  3. We have new name for all the McDonald’s and Burger King wrappers that show up daily on our block: trashvertising. Makes me want to start a blog.

  4. Having lived in several neighborhoods around the city, it does seem the CD has this litter bug problem worse than others in my experience. I am always amazed by the number of Capri Sun juice packets that will be strewn about (they probably make up 10% of my garbage can volume by the time I pick them up daily. Many posts and comments have been made on CDNews about the litter issue. I actually find that the litter problem goes down some in my neighborhood during the summer months, probably because I live in the line between the convience/grocery/food stores and Garfield High. The daily trail between the stores and the school is likely less travelled this time of year.

    I did ask a friend who recently moved into the CD how the litter problem seemed to her and she said her previous neighborhood in the U-District was worse, but in that case it seemed to be a matter of proximity to Frat/Sorority Row.

  5. there is a major source of capri suns and it’s the Grocery Outlet. The owner is very nice, and while I like to disrupt small biz folks as little as possible, part of me wants to ask him to stop selling so much junk food (there is lots % wise compared to other supermarkets). The whole aisle of candy and sweets + a section of bargin sugar drinks end up on my lawn and on our streets a lot.

  6. I also live on the beeline between Garfield High and the stores. On days when I work from home I often see dozens of teenagers tossing their wrappers and garbage on the ground. It has eased off now that school’s out, but I imagine the trash just migrated to other areas. :-)

    It all goes back to shitty parenting.

  7. Another contributor to the trash problem is the “free stuff” that people set out on their curbs rather than throwing away or taking with them when they move. The stuff migrates up and down the block and into the street over time. I have had to fill my garbage can many times with this type of detritus.