I am perfect like you

I will be perfect, judgmental, condescending, short sighted, uninterested, from now on.

 Where I live will determine my degree of observation.  I will only observe within my neighborhood, even if I do venture out into greater Seattle, I vow never to share my perspective.  I see nothing.

Great ones, I love squallier and injustice, desire conflict and gangs running the streets.

I will waste the time of those in charge of protecting me, and keep them from murder cases.

I will incite criticism from the great sages of our time, here in this arena. 

My comments will be useless, baseless, out of context, from the view house  I live in and from my moving car in the strip mall.

Where I live, determines my opinions value if any, despite being a person. 

My only desire is to be as self important and omniscient as my fellow citizens here.

Stereotyped and stripped of any value to society I submit to those vacant souls that share the miniscule perspective their brain cells can muster.

Please do not empathize or feel, I am just a cry baby with nothing important to the self appointed pompous scribes here within.

Kiss my grits and I will smile as I drive by and you are in a tank of piranhas.

Just an idea

I often here the police in my neigborhood, MLK Jr Way and Mass. Police  cars buzzing up and down the street, helicoptors…..

Seeing the police go up and down the streets, circling and hoping to find…What??

I would be glad to help look if I knew what they were looking for!  There must be a way to enlist neighbors help in a police action searching for a specific car, or person!

Can we as neighbors help in local police searchs and stake outs?

I feel like I am watching, concerned, and may see what the police dont as the “getaway car” sneeks away before my eyes!

There is a system I beleive at the college campus that alerts of some danger on a phone list or e mail chain.  There is an Amber Alert system for missing kids.

Ther must be a way to include the public, that is threatened, if willing, of course, to be included and enlisted in large scale police actions.  The helicoptors, 4 or more police cars etc.

I want these criminals off the streets very badly as well.

Its unsettling to know that potentially I could help, perhaps even saw the get away car speeding North as the police head South….get the picture?

Dont have a solution, not looking to be a vigilante,  just offering to help.