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Just an idea

I often here the police in my neigborhood, MLK Jr Way and Mass. Police  cars buzzing up and down the street, helicoptors…..

Seeing the police go up and down the streets, circling and hoping to find…What??

I would be glad to help look if I knew what they were looking for!  There must be a way to enlist neighbors help in a police action searching for a specific car, or person!

Can we as neighbors help in local police searchs and stake outs?

I feel like I am watching, concerned, and may see what the police dont as the “getaway car” sneeks away before my eyes!

There is a system I beleive at the college campus that alerts of some danger on a phone list or e mail chain.  There is an Amber Alert system for missing kids.

Ther must be a way to include the public, that is threatened, if willing, of course, to be included and enlisted in large scale police actions.  The helicoptors, 4 or more police cars etc.

I want these criminals off the streets very badly as well.

Its unsettling to know that potentially I could help, perhaps even saw the get away car speeding North as the police head South….get the picture?

Dont have a solution, not looking to be a vigilante,  just offering to help.

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  1. I know what you are saying, and often feel like I would like to be able to do more too. This is more so when I hear sirens or see Emergency vehicles streak by. The problem is that I would fear getting in the way if I rushed outside to assist when I hear one of the over-head helecopters, or Police cars charging by. Might actually cause more problems by my being in the mix ( cause confusion or diustraction ). Sad as it seems, I think the best thing I can do is be vigilant, call in problems, and offer our asasistance when needed. Other than that, I applaud your community need to help, and I truely believe there are actually quite a few good people in the CD just like you. I say Thank You for your good intentions!