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I am perfect like you

I will be perfect, judgmental, condescending, short sighted, uninterested, from now on.

 Where I live will determine my degree of observation.  I will only observe within my neighborhood, even if I do venture out into greater Seattle, I vow never to share my perspective.  I see nothing.

Great ones, I love squallier and injustice, desire conflict and gangs running the streets.

I will waste the time of those in charge of protecting me, and keep them from murder cases.

I will incite criticism from the great sages of our time, here in this arena. 

My comments will be useless, baseless, out of context, from the view house  I live in and from my moving car in the strip mall.

Where I live, determines my opinions value if any, despite being a person. 

My only desire is to be as self important and omniscient as my fellow citizens here.

Stereotyped and stripped of any value to society I submit to those vacant souls that share the miniscule perspective their brain cells can muster.

Please do not empathize or feel, I am just a cry baby with nothing important to the self appointed pompous scribes here within.

Kiss my grits and I will smile as I drive by and you are in a tank of piranhas.

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  1. GIVE ME A BREAK! You REALLY felt the need to sit down and type all of this crap! Grow a pair of balls why don’t you! Reading this was a waste of my time this morning! WOWZERS

  2. If you felt unsafe, call the cops yourself.

    Quote: “This situation needs monitoring by the police for the publics safety! I felt in danger of my personal safety.”

    So why not call the Police and tell them your concerns? Right?

  3. Send a copy of what you saw to all city council members, they are crafting a ordinance against such behavior. Do it!

  4. The only clear instance of lawbreaking described in your story is you running a red light and nearly causing an accident. If fairly routine occurrences of city life send you into such a panic that you cannot follow traffic laws, you should give up your license and stop driving before you kill someone.

  5. I go to Kau Kau’s often, and I usually park in front with my hazards flashing, and I too feel very unsafe there. I normally don’t get approached by the activity, but it is intense! Even the few steps from your car to the restaurant is nerve racking. You did the right writing about it, I feel the same way. I feel sorry for the businesses down there. They have to be suffering.

  6. Pan handlers ‘bother’ you by asking for money to which I say sorry. The gangs and drug dealers really do not have you in their consciousness.

    And, yeah call the cops if you observe a crime.

    By the way, this is a CD blog.

  7. I love the type of self important folks that feel they have a right to double park while shopping, and then feel outrage when their use of emergency flashers is not somehow making it all-right with the rest of us. My understanding is that emergency flashers are for EMERGENCIES, and to draw attention to a real emergency ( like a broke down car blocking, not a shopper too lazy to park)!

  8. That letter is what I sent Seattle police. Just thought I would share. Thanks for the feedback!
    By the way, I have called Seattle police on and injury traffic accident in front of my house and it took them over 4 hours to respond.
    Tried to report suscpicious actiity by phone on a non emergency number and got voice mail, this mailbox is full.
    I dont just sit on my buns.
    And by the way , dealing drugs is illegal, George, may not traffic related…loitering, creating a public nuisance, impedeing the flow of traffic…cant beleive thats legal either!

  9. So, a neighbor reports an open-air drug deal market to the community blog and the community responds with dismissive snark? Lame.

    George – if you consider mobs of homeless crack addicts and drug dealers to be “routine occurrence of city life”, then I have some news for you – you live in the wrong part of town.

  10. I completely understand what you’re saying. I was in the loading zone in the car waiting for my partner to get some take out from the Kau Kau, witnessed a drug deal. Thought about calling it in immediately, except for the fact that the pan handlers then turned and gave me the ‘dont even try it’ look.

    The ID has been going downhill, and fast.


  12. WOWWW, If you really really wanna help to make the neighborhood a safer place, LEAVE. Yr Gentrified entry is the cause of everything that terrfies you around you.

  13. This page is called the Central District News because it is intended for members of the central district community. Clearly you feel alienated from this community for good reason. Please help yourself out and return to which ever suburb you are from. I am sure when you go to pick up your take-out at a strip mall you will be able to find a parking spot. In addition you will not be “bothered” by any people you judge to be vagrants, let alone people you assume are participating in illegal activity, an observation I doubt can be made from a moving car. If you want to support local business walk to Ezelle’s one time. Then you might at least experience the neighborhood for what it is, not simply because you got a good deal on your view home. Please don’t misuse this page again for your shameful rants. Also, your waste of 4 hours of our police force’s time could be better spent trying to reduce the shootings that have been tearing apart the neighborhood of late, not acting as your personal security force. Wow.

  14. is Kau Kau good? where is it?

    i liked the post becuase it was quite odd. even if i didnt understand it – it’s weirdness is wonderful. keep it up! maybe someone can translate it.

    (seriosul, this is not meant to be ironic. what was that about????)

  15. So someone got somewhat unreasonably scared while waiting in front of Kau Kau (which has some of the best BBQ pork in the region, btw – as well as a great lunch special) and decided to write about it.

    Then a bunch of people commented on how unreasonably scared the author was about the whole thing.

    Then we have a revised post full of italicized pseudo-poetry (?) about how victimized the author feels about how victimized they felt about the environment around Kau Kau (which, again, has some of the best BBQ pork in the region – as well as a great lunch special)

    No one’s dead, or even injured. The most injured party are the various egos who contributed to this post.

    All in all, not a bad result, eh?

    And through it all, Kau Kau’s BBQ pork is to die for. And it’s a great destination for either lunch or dinner – and has great lunch specials.

    ’nuff said.

  16. if enough is enough, then think how much more more-than-enough will be…

    that’s some crawy stuff! I want to suggest a KauKau take back the street gathering in 2 days – Friday! at KauKau. WE all show up and order and own the street – no more fear! Make BBQ, not fear.

  17. I had shared my experience, perspective and observations and 90% of the responses were self aggrandizing pseudo intellects, dumping their constricted socially retarded perspectives on me, based on nothing but their tunnel versioned, anal, anti social, programming absorbed in the context of their limited mental capacity and angry upbringings.
    A social comment on all the anger festering here abouts, which was channeled toward me.
    Hope I never see these people on the street, if I needed help they would throw rocks at me!
    I erased the post so the clear hostility of my neighbors was highlighted.

  18. By the result of this whole post, I can only assume the poem was written by Kau Kau BBQ… :) Good job on advertising. p.s. good food too!

  19. I think Nathan took his post about being scared while picking up some food and replaced it with… whatever that is at the top of the page.

  20. Anarchy
    On Tuesday March 2, 2010 between 7:30 PM and 7:45 PM my wife and I went to the International District to buy carry out food.
    Specifically Kau Kau on King Street.
    My experience and observations in that general area, within a block was very disturbing and I feared for our personal safety.
    I waited for my wife to pick up the food while I was standing , engine running and emergency flashers on, right near the alley, East of Kau Kau.
    The alley was blocked by a semi parked there and a group of 6 transient/vagrants were steps from the rear of my car. I was concerned about my wife being confronted upon exiting the business so I moved my car up about 4 spaces.
    There in front of my was a group of transients on my left, totaling about 10 that I could see, and on the right side of the intersection another dozen in and out of the street.
    I picked up my wife and headed to that intersection and cars were standing on both sides of the road, in the lane of traffic , stopped with these vagrant, potential drug dealers swirling about the standing vehicles.
    One was a large Chevy SUV, oversize tire and rims (kind of deep set rims) Copper/Gold/Tan color, just sitting in the street.
    I proceeded between the two vehicles and at least a dozen guys at that intersection, Northbound to Jackson.
    There were another dozen people on and off the street, up to the street corner, clearly dealing and soliciting business.
    I reached the intersection of Jackson and did not feel safe stopping at the light and proceeded turning right as an older model Jeep approached on my left with his blinker on.(had a tail light out, right rear)
    I proceeded right and this white male. wire rim glasses, in his 50’s driving alone started honking wildly at me.
    I pulled up to the next intersection, rolled down my window and explained he had his blinker”Dude, you had your blinker on” and he started citing traffic rules I was to follow, my approximate speed and blamed me for his confrontation of me.
    He may well have planned on assaulting me with his car, and I would not want to leave my vehicle at any point in my 15 minute trip to support a local business.
    The area was completely lawless with no sense of personal safety, or police enforcement of so many infractions. People roaming the streets, in the streets, approaching vehicles, stopped in the middle of the street, exits for the area blocked.
    This situation needs monitoring by the police for the publics safety!
    I felt in danger of my personal safety.

  21. Got a call from the police, a Captain yesterday on this letter I posted on the police contact site(and sent my councilman)
    He assured me several concerned citizens had alerted the police of the issue and he would re route manpower to that area in response.
    Imagine that!! Guess I am not the only drooling, whimpering, delusionary, suburbanite (lives in the Central District) that wants a safe place to live!
    I loved turning the mirror on the hostile IQ club that responded, by the way!!

  22. DOn’t forget to update us on where you get scared today in this big bad world of ours.

  23. All Seattle City Council members are elected at-large – you don’t have “a” Council member. You have nine.

  24. I agree that there is not a cop to be found in the area you mention. There are however, strangely, usually 3 or 4 parked on top of the Hollywood video at promenade (23rd and Jackson). Odd place to hang, when 23rd and Union, 23rd and Cherry, or numerous spots in the ID need eyes on the street.