UPS Delivery Stolen

Came home to NOT find a UPS delivery that was delivered this afternoon to the porch. Porch contents are not viewable from the street. Anyone else having this problem?

What was the police/fire response

to the 900 block of MLK early this morning (Mon.) between 1:45 am and 2:00 am? Anyone know what this was? 2 fire trucks, one fire aid truck, 3-4 police cars blocking MLK in both directions. Looked like one lone woman being loaded onto the board and in to the fire aid truck. One fire fighter loaded a bicycle, that did not appear to be damaged at all, into the fire truck. No damaged vehicles, no investigation, just a huge response to what appeared to be an injured person in the middle of MLK. Didn’t show up on the 911 log, anyone know what this was?