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What was the police/fire response

to the 900 block of MLK early this morning (Mon.) between 1:45 am and 2:00 am? Anyone know what this was? 2 fire trucks, one fire aid truck, 3-4 police cars blocking MLK in both directions. Looked like one lone woman being loaded onto the board and in to the fire aid truck. One fire fighter loaded a bicycle, that did not appear to be damaged at all, into the fire truck. No damaged vehicles, no investigation, just a huge response to what appeared to be an injured person in the middle of MLK. Didn’t show up on the 911 log, anyone know what this was?

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  1. A woman was involved in a bicycle accident on MLK near Spring. She was unconscious when police first arrived, and officers first thought she had been hit by another vehicle that had left the scene.

    However, when she came to, she told police that she was not involved in a collision.

  2. Between 5 of us neighbors here, nobody could figure it out. Wonder who put in the 911 call.