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UPS Delivery Stolen

Came home to NOT find a UPS delivery that was delivered this afternoon to the porch. Porch contents are not viewable from the street. Anyone else having this problem?

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  1. Thieves will notice the big brown truck and steal the package after UPS drops it off.

    Have your stuff delivered to a work address if possible.

  2. yes – lots of people have this issue – there have been stories about this before – get it sent to work or elsewhere

  3. You could try using Post Options, 1122 East Pike, they have long hours and will hold your UPS, Fed Ex, whatever for you for two dollars per package, even if you don’t use them for your other mail.

    I find them reliable. They will call you if a package shows up for you, if you have included a phone number on the delivery.

  4. The package was delivered to “South” instead of “plain.” UPS prob this time.