Home break-in

Mid-day Thursday, Feb. 17, someone broke the front door of a house across from the Thurgood Marshall playground, stole electronics, including a television, laptops, computer equipment. No one was home at the time, which is unusual, so they must have been watching. Keep an eye out for daytime home robberies.

Car nose down at 10th & Jackson on 9/8

Did anyone happen to get a photo of the car that evidently went over the embankment out of the parking lot at approximately 10th & Jackson and landed nose down on the sidewalk.  I was driving by around 1 pm and there were emergency vehicles and police cars but I didn’t have my camera.  Would love to hear the story behind it, whether it was occupied at the time, air bag deployed, etc.

Keys found

Found two sets of keys on my lawn yesterday.  Car keys, house keys, maybe file cabinet keys.  Only ID is a red metal heart-shaped tag that says “Best friends Amanda&Megan.” 

MLK Jr. Memorial Park Event

Meet at Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park at MLK South and South Walker on Monday, January 19th, from 11 – 1. Play with an EarthBall. Wear clothing that matches your skin colors and we’ll make a living rainbow photograph. Come one. Come all.

a cup of sugar?

I live on South Irving St across from Thurgood Marshall. Yesterday a young woman (attractive, nicely dressed, about 15 or 16) rang my doorbell and asked to borrow a cup of sugar. I said sure and she said she had to run home for the cup. I came back to the door with the sugar and saw her walking east on Irving with two young males. I can only think she was checking to see if anyone was home or even to see if doors were unlocked. Sorry I don’t have a better description of the three.