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Helicopters – 24th & Judkins – 2 am 7-17-10

Anyone know what the helicopters, police activity was in this neck of the woods last night?  There were helicopters, a fire truck and police cars.  Looking forward to the scanner for more information.

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  1. seattlecrime lists an “aid response” at about that time on Judkins, but on its face that wouldn’t explain the helicopters. At the time I assumed it had something to do with the shooting a few hours earlier. Maybe tracking down a suspect? But would appreciate any info.

  2. boy that was a bright light. Also I watch a cop car chase a sedan car going fast north along MLK from lid park to Judkins, hung a left ( west) on Judkins,,,..not sure where they ended up but copter continued to circle for 10-15 min more. Finally it left headed north. where does it park/land? Do each precint have one? curious.

  3. The only helicopter is owned and operated by the King County Sheriff’s Department. SPD can request it to come and help if it’s up and flying when something happens