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Man shot near 12th & Jefferson – Updated

CDNews went to bed early last night and missed this one. Luckily Seattle Crime was on the case:

One man was shot near a restaurant in the Central District shortly before midnight.

It appears the victim was shot in the leg in the 1200 block of E Jefferson St.

Immediately following the incident, police were looking for a Ford Crown Victioria spotted near the scene. Officers recovered a firearm from a car stopped near the scene.

According to the scanner, a man in the car was “trying to hide a full-size Glock down the front of his pants.”

They are also reporting that one person may be in custody now.

Here’s the statement from SPD:

On July 16th at approximately 11:46 p.m. officers responded to a 911 call of a fight disturbance involving a gun in the 1200 block of East Jefferson Street.  While enroute to the call additional 911 calls came in reporting shots fired.  The involved parties were gone upon the officers’ arrival. 

Preliminary investigation indicates that there was some sort of disturbance between an unknown number of subjects.  At one point one of the involved parties began firing a gun. 

A male victim in his 30’s was struck in the calf by a stray bullet while sitting in a restaurant nearby.  The victim was not involved in the disturbance.  SFD medics transported the victim to Harborview Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. 

The suspect(s) are at large and no description is available at this time.  Gang Unit detectives are actively investigating this incident.

Update: Our favorite Seattle U tipster sent us this email from the university that the shooting may have occurred during a large fight disturbance at 12th & Columbia, 4 blocks south of where the victim ended up:

At approximately 11:45 PM, on Friday, July 16th, 2010 Seattle Police officers responded to reports of a fight disturbance in the area of 12th & E. Columbia. As SPD officers were arriving, additional calls came in reporting shots fired in the area. Police officers found a stray bullet struck a man while he sat in Waidsrestaurant, located just east of the intersection.

Police believe that one of the involved parties in the fight began firing a gun, and one of the bullets struck the victim in the leg. Seattle Fire Department medics took the non-affiliate victim, who is in his 30s, to Harborview Medical Center. The victim’s injuries are notbelieved to be life threatening.

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  1. I’m always a bit worried that this scenario will unfold while I’m gassing up at the pump at the AM/PM at that intersection. Keep your head down, peeps!

  2. Seeing as the corner of 12th & Jefferson is a very well know “problem area” , why isn’t SPD doing more in this area? Walk past this intersection at any time of the day or night and you are pretty much guaranteed to see something of the illegal persuasion going on.

  3. like mlk and madison is “madison park”.

    bet if a hip restaurant moved into that area it would be capitol hill (read: Lark, Licorice).

  4. Yes, I believe that most positive activities are noted as Capitol Hill and negative, as CD. Sometimes we are also downtown. The local media described the recent explosion at the substation as either Capitol Hill or downtown. It is difficult to advocate for our area when we are robbed of an identity and ignored.

  5. Well when ever there’s a shooting on Cap Hill it’ invariably is some little s**t from the CD anyways.

  6. I can’t think recently when that was true. Over the years any violence in Capitol Hill has not come from the CD. Most folks in the CD are and have always been law abiding, hard-working citizens, as are most in all neighborhoods.

    Come to think of it,I would question if most of the violent crimes in the CD even are committed by residents here.

  7. This incident happened across the street at a different business altogether. Why are they not mentioned? Both the assailant and victim came from that establishment and the shootings occured outside that establishment as well. SPD actually asked for Waids assistance because it was recorded by Waids outside security cameras facing the street. No one has ever been shot at Waid’s. Whoever wrote this article: a)has not taken the time to confirm the facts b)may have a possible personal problem with waids the establishment or the owner. THe SPD has a video recording of this incident. So if such a critical and disturbing incident can easily be misreported, it leads me to question the others. By the way I was at Waids when said incident took place. If anyone reading this has ever to been waids, you know that a stray bullet from the street could not reach inside the establishment to hurt a patron. The bullet would have to travel through 3 to 4 walls, including the concrete outside walls to actually hurt a patron. This incident took place at an Ethiopian restaurant called Zobel across the street. Why are they not mentioned? Does anyone care?