0 thoughts on “Sam Smith Park bike path mugging

  1. Here are some links with the details. That park needs more foot traffic — more eyes. (And yes, I do walk through the park solo, but I pay attention to what’s going on around me. No problems in 10 years, knock wood.)

    There are details here:

    and here:

  2. I just posted some details about Cascade and the city getting together in the park next week – full details if you look over in Nearby Stories – Cyclists and I-90 Tunnel Safety

  3. I’m still curious about the video cameras DOT has around the entrance. Do they work? Are there tapes that can help the police i.d. the perps? Should there be a few more that actually encompass the possible crime scene?

  4. We were told that the cameras in the tunnel are recorded, but the recordings are only kept for a short time, so it’s important for victims to contact police quickly after each incident so that they can get the tapes from WSDOT.