This is an idea I’ve had for awhile but…

I’m in engineering school and can’t really devote the time or nor intoxication level to try enough wine at the Grocery Outlet. For those of us who frequent their establishment for food and ethanol, we know that their wine selection is more or less a running experiment with our taste buds and digestive tracts. You get a bottle of wine one day for one price that tastes great only to try another one a few days later that is similar to Cisco Apricot. It would be nice to know what is a bad purchase and what is a good choice.

P.S. It is awesome they have a meat section now.

Cars Vandalized Last Night

This morning around 8:30am, my neighbor woke my roommates and I up informing us that a person had apparently walked down the west side of MLK Jr Way slashing tires and keying cars. Another neighbor actually had the word “bitch” carved into his car in addition to his tires being slashed. This all happened near MLK Jr Way and Spring St.

High Speed chase last night… Check. Cars being randomly vandalized…Check… I lost five times at Jenga last night…Check. :(

Update by scott: Also see additional report from Imm