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Cars Vandalized Last Night

This morning around 8:30am, my neighbor woke my roommates and I up informing us that a person had apparently walked down the west side of MLK Jr Way slashing tires and keying cars. Another neighbor actually had the word “bitch” carved into his car in addition to his tires being slashed. This all happened near MLK Jr Way and Spring St.

High Speed chase last night… Check. Cars being randomly vandalized…Check… I lost five times at Jenga last night…Check. :(

Update by scott: Also see additional report from Imm

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  1. I walked a friend home last night and their car had their window smashed on the corner of MLK & S Washington. It was parked under the street light.

  2. A friend of mine who live in the U-District said that there was a mass slashing along Brooklyn there several days ago as well. I wonder if they’re connected at all.

  3. but sounds like some people are really p**sed off. Really sorry that you had to experience that violation. Also worried that people in Seattle are that Po’d and what that might mean in future.

    Breathe breathe steady your hand and Jenga will be YOURS!

  4. Car Prowls are a crime of opportunity. If you leave *fast cash* items in your car; shame on you. You have abetted the criminal to do the crime

    Anyone who grew up on the East Coast has the rules memorized by the time they own a car.
    1) Never, ever leave anything of value in the car. Yes it requires a bit more effort to lug it all into the bar when you want a drink on the way home, but at least you will still have it when you get home. This especially applies to situations where you will park, for a long period, in the dark, where there will be no witnesses to a break in.
    2) At home, park under a spotlight with a motion detector. Bright light makes the rats look for darker places. If you are technology adept, add a camera linked to the motion detector, a video clip will increase the chance that the police will catch the offender. Think about it, how are the police supposed to catch an offender when all they have to go on is a broken window. Without a photo or description, fingerprints or other clues, they can do nothing.
    3) Ladies, when out on the town, do not leave your purses in the car! Someone is probably watching parking lots to see which cars to target. Either prepare a small *essentials* bag that is easy to carry on your person, or patronize clubs that have a Check Room. If the clubs you patronize do not have Check Rooms, urge them to set one up. It is their obligation to make their establishment safe and convenient for you, their patrons.
    4) If you drive a high end car, or you cannot afford to have high repair bills; invest in a *cut out switch*, which allows you to turn off the electrical circuit to the key and leaves the intruder no way to start the car. Then you can leave the doors unlocked in safety, knowing the thief cannot drive the car away.
    5) Keep storage compartments and glove box emptied out of any saleable items and leave them open so thieves can see they are empty of items that could be pawned, while they are still outside the vehicle.
    6) Install only equipment that has a *quick release* option. Almost all add on systems (sound, GPS, etc) come with this configuration. That way, when you park for the night, you just pop all of them out of their mountings and take them inside with you. You can easily find a briefcase or tote bag to fit them into one unit to carry in.

    You may think the world owes you a crime free existence, but that is only your delusion. If you do not want to be a crime victim it is your responsibility to take any and all steps to guard yourself from harm. People who make it easy for thieves to prey on them deserve what they get. Only by being proactive can you reduce your chance of being preyed upon!