The chilling effect

On September 20th 2010 I published a story on the Central District news as a hopes to promote safety and increase the health of our thriving neighborhood.  The story was regarding a violent squirrel that was sighted many numerous people.  Though the comments made light of this incident I do not believe anybody would like to be bitten by a violent squirrel. 

The story was removed on September 24th with no notification to me or on the website.  I find this disturbing.  Even though the commenters were posting class-ist comments insulting the low income people of our neighborhood for not vaccinating their pets against rabies I think they should have the right to be idiots if they so please. 

Please discontinue the blocking of the great CD squirrel debate.

Power Outage!!!

On March 29th there was a power outage in the area of Fir and 20th.  The power outage started around 5:30 pm, there were city work crews seen working on the corner of Alder and 19th and electricity was heroically restored at approx. 8:30 pm.  Many local residents were effected and presumably either ate dinner in the darkness or went somewhere else for supper.