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The chilling effect

On September 20th 2010 I published a story on the Central District news as a hopes to promote safety and increase the health of our thriving neighborhood.  The story was regarding a violent squirrel that was sighted many numerous people.  Though the comments made light of this incident I do not believe anybody would like to be bitten by a violent squirrel. 

The story was removed on September 24th with no notification to me or on the website.  I find this disturbing.  Even though the commenters were posting class-ist comments insulting the low income people of our neighborhood for not vaccinating their pets against rabies I think they should have the right to be idiots if they so please. 

Please discontinue the blocking of the great CD squirrel debate.

0 thoughts on “The chilling effect

  1. There are no great squirrels. Only nasty rodents thrust into the spotlight during trying times.

    Why did the Central District News elminate this PSA?!?

    What do you think JMan?

    I usually trust Central District News and Scott, but could he be in cahoots with the squirrels?

    Squirrels are plague bearing vermin with no souls. If I were to write an opera it would be !DIE RODEN T. SQUIRREL!

    If anyone sees this public menace squirrel they should do what JMAN was incapable of doing, and capping it!

  2. You wait with anxiety, checking in every 10, 15, 30 minutes to see who you catch in your squirrel hatred trolling trap. You will one day see that it is you, not the squirrels. We are not classist for vaccinating our animals, only responsible citizens and humans, carry on your fun in your life void of hobby and fulfillment, this internet trolling will be tired and played out soon enough squirrel hater.

  3. If you can’t afford to properly take care of your pets in a highly populated urban environment by vaccinating them then you shouldn’t have them. Maybe this squirrel is teaching a lesson to these people.

  4. Well, touche. I tip my hat to you kind sir. Your rationale is both clever and compelling. You have given me a lot to think about.

  5. Now I am confused, I thought this was all about rabies and squirrels, and now we are talking about Visa and assholes? Did I miss something here? In any regard, I hope Vivian can get some credit if she calls…

  6. Again @Vivian.
    I apologize for my outburst in last nights post. I was very upset by your comment “If you can’t afford to properly take care of your pets…” It was not right of me to outburst in that way but I am not going to back down that your comment is arrogant. Like I mentioned in my post. Not everyone can afford to get their pets to the vet. I believe everyone should do what is best for their pet within their own ability. I think it is arrogant to think that everyone has the same living standards as you have. Many of my family and friends are unemployed, partially employed, etc. They would love to take their dog to the Immortal Dog and get expensive pet treats but this is not a reality, neither are vaccinations. I think you owe an apology.

  7. If you cannot properly afford to care for ANY pet, vet care, vaccinations, feeding basic food, you should not own a pet. That is common sense. Ol’ Viv owes you nothing.

  8. I don’t believe for one second there really is a rabid squirrel out to get you, but let’s just pretend there is.

    You called Seattle Animal Control, right? Or have you been too busy monitoring the CD News to find things to get outraged about?

    Who’s the real rabid animal in this scenario, I wonder?

  9. @JMan

    I am sorry to hear that you perceive my message as arrogant, however, I do really and truly believe that owning a pet is a privilege and not a right. It is a serious responsibility that one owes not only to the pet but to the community in which they live. I would be surprised to find that this was not the overwhelmingly predominant opinion of the other readers of this site as well. I won’t apologize for having that opinion because I think it is the right one, not to mention it is the law.