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Power Outage!!!

On March 29th there was a power outage in the area of Fir and 20th.  The power outage started around 5:30 pm, there were city work crews seen working on the corner of Alder and 19th and electricity was heroically restored at approx. 8:30 pm.  Many local residents were effected and presumably either ate dinner in the darkness or went somewhere else for supper.

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  1. I was painting the bathroom from a barbie girl pink to sage green when the power went out. I had to use flashlights to finish the coat.

  2. it was much longer than that. i was home around 4:15pm when I saw a flash followed by 2 loud booms, the 2nd one knocking out all the power. I assumed the booms were lightening, but maybe blown transformers? According to the city recording, there was a down power line on Alder between 18th and 19th (we’re at 18th/Alder). Our power didn’t come back on until around 4am this morning — there were crews out working well past 1am last I saw.

  3. Actually, the booms were from the thunder. Lightning does not go “boom”.
    Nice to have power back. Those worker guys are HERO’s!!!!