Electric Trolley Bus Transit Meeting

At today’s Regional Development and Sustainability meeting at City Hall, one of the council members announced an upcoming meeting on Transit’s replacement of the electric trolley buses. If you’re interested in the trolley replacement issue which has had some discussion here before, I urge you to attend this meeting. 

The meeting will be on Wednesday, June 16th at noon in the City Council Chambers. 

Today’s meeting was quite inspiring, with a speech by Van Jones and some great questions from members of our own Umojafest P.E.A.C.E. Center’s Got Green program.

Clean Greens Harvest Day Sept 3rd

Clean Greens will be harvesting vegetables for the weekly market. There’s a lot of food in the field that needs to be picked so the neighborhood can enjoy this fresh produce at affordable prices. Help us keep this program sustainable for our community, and enjoy a morning in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley.

Come on out to the farm to help with the bountiful harvest. We’ll meet at New Hope Baptist Church (116 21st Ave East) at 7am to head out to the farm. Feel free to join us later that morning at the farm if you can’t get to the church by 7am. The farm is located at 20121 West Snoqualmie River Road.

Conlin to Speak at Clean Greens Market Grand Opening

Richard Conlin will be speaking at the grand opening of the Clean Greens Market on August 15th. Conlin’s speech will be part of the festivities which will start with a fund-raising walk at 9:30am from Spruce Park. 21st Avenue will be closed between Yesler and Fir, and there will be a free community picnic in the park after the walk at 11am.

The market will be open until 4pm with fresh vegetables from the Clean Greens farm along with other vendors. Come out and help support this community based project, working to bring affordable pesticide-free food to the Central District.

Clean Greens First Market on Saturday, July 25th

Come on over to New Hope Baptist Church at 116 21st Ave, just North of Yesler, this Saturday for our first market! We’ll have affordable, chemical-free tasty mustard greens, collards, green & yellow summer squash, turnips, spinach and jewelry by Desiree Bradley. The Clean Greens Market will be open from 10 am  to 3 pm.

We also need your help Friday morning to harvest vegetables for the market. Come see the bounty on the farm and enjoy the fruits of harvest and community. We’ll meet at the church, 116 21st Ave, at 9am to carpool out to the farm. If you know the way and want to drive yourself, meet us out on the farm.

Call 206-323-5958 for more information.


Come on out to the Clean Greens Farm this weekend

The farm is green and growing. There are veggies ready for harvest. Come on out, help with weeding, and take home some fruits of your labor. We plan to start selling veggies at New Hope Baptist Church soon, so this is your chance for a preview of what will be coming to the market.

To carpool, or follow someone out to the farm, meet us at New Hope Baptist Church on 21st & Fir at 9am on Saturday, July 18th. Or you can meet us on the farm. Check in before heading out to the farm. We’ll post a note on the Clean Greens site if the event is canceled. Let us know if you’d like to come out to the farm another time. Call 206-323-5958 to make arrangements.

Clean Greens Needs Your Help

We’re pushing this week to get the rest of the field on the farm planted before it gets too late in the season. The entire field has been plowed, and with 20 people for a day or two, we can get things in the ground. We’d really like to take advantage of planting the entire field, but need your help to do it.

We’re working on getting groups out on Wednesday and Saturday, but let us know if you’d like to go out another day. There’s usually someone from the project on the farm every weekday morning, and we’ll find a way to get you there if you need a ride. RSVP at http://www.cleangreensfarm.com/events/event/listUpcoming to let us know if you can make it. Call 206-323-5958, if you’d like to arrange to work at the farm another day.

Meet up at New Hope Baptist Church on 21st & Fir at 9am on Wednesday or Saturday, or meet us on the farm. Check in before heading out to the farm. We’ll post a note at www.cleangreensfarm.com if the event is canceled. Sign up as a member at the site to get regular invites to events.


Growing on the Clean Greens Farm

Things are sprouting out at the Clean Greens Farm! We’ve got collards, mustard greens and turnips peeking out of the ground. Most of the field is now plowed, and the higher ground is mostly planted. We’ve had hard working volunteers coming out each week, planting and weeding. Tables have been built in the greenhouse, and the starts are growing.

On June 6th we’ll be transplanting starts from the greenhouse into the field. We’ll need lots of help getting those baby plants into the ground. Planting starts is satisfying, as you can really see the results of your work.

Meet at New Hope Baptist Church on 21st & Fir at 9am, or meet us on the farm. Check in before heading out to the farm. We’ll post a note on the Clean Greens site if the event is canceled.

Video Taping at Clean Greens Farm May 20th

There is a group doing a video piece for the Episcopal Church, and they will be filming at the Clean Greens Farm next Wednesday. We’ll be planting and weeding as they get footage. We’ll meet at New Hope Baptist Church on 21st & Fir at 9am to be out on the farm before they arrive at 10:30am. Meet at the church or come to the farm if you’d like to join us.

We’ll also be on the farm every Saturday, weeding and planting, if you’d like to come volunteer. You can RSVP (so we know how many sandwiches to bring) at the Clean Greens website.


Great Day at the Clean Greens Farm

Thanks to everyone who came out to help on the farm yesterday! We planted 24 rows of Champion Collards and 11 rows of Green Wave Mustard greens. We planted over a third of the upper section of the field. The tables in the greenhouse are well on their way to being built.

We’ll be going out every Saturday now, so if you didn’t get to go this weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to get out there when you have the time. We’ll be meeting at New Hope Baptist Church on 21st and Fir at 9am and driving out to the farm. You can meet there for a ride or meet us out at the farm.

There will also be people at the farm during the week, so if that fits your schedule better, you can spend time there then. Check in to find out when we’ll be there.

Next week, if the weather allows, we’ll be finishing up the upper field with mustard greens and turnips. We may also be finishing the tables in the greenhouse or planting starts there if the tables are done.

Hope to see you out there one of these weekends!

Check out www.cleangreensfarm.com for more info.

Mother’s Day Weekend Planting Party at Clean Greens Farm

Come on out to the Clean Greens Farm to celebrate Mother Earth as we plant seeds in the ground! Our last planting day had to be canceled at the last minute due to challenges with preparing the fields due to weather. Now the ground is ready and the weather looks great for the weekend. We also have work in the recently repaired greenhouse.

Come see the farm, enjoy community, and practice your gardening skills. If you’d rather offer moral support than get your hands dirty, you can help by providing refreshments to those who are working in the field. We’ll meet at New Hope Baptist Church on 21st & Fir at 9am, or you can meet us on the farm. Bring your garden tools – hoes, trowels, gloves – and boots for muddy fields if it’s wet.

There may still be last minute changes due to weather. Check in before you head out to the farm. We’ll post an update to the Clean Greens website if the work party is canceled. Sign up here.

The farm is located at 20121 West Snoqualmie River Road N.E. Duvall, WA