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Great Day at the Clean Greens Farm

Thanks to everyone who came out to help on the farm yesterday! We planted 24 rows of Champion Collards and 11 rows of Green Wave Mustard greens. We planted over a third of the upper section of the field. The tables in the greenhouse are well on their way to being built.

We’ll be going out every Saturday now, so if you didn’t get to go this weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to get out there when you have the time. We’ll be meeting at New Hope Baptist Church on 21st and Fir at 9am and driving out to the farm. You can meet there for a ride or meet us out at the farm.

There will also be people at the farm during the week, so if that fits your schedule better, you can spend time there then. Check in to find out when we’ll be there.

Next week, if the weather allows, we’ll be finishing up the upper field with mustard greens and turnips. We may also be finishing the tables in the greenhouse or planting starts there if the tables are done.

Hope to see you out there one of these weekends!

Check out for more info.

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