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Man stabbed in the neck during First Hill robbery

WestSeattleBlog and CHS had exchanged tweets about this “Assault w/ Weapons” that showed up on the 911 page at 11:44am today. We dug into it in the scanner recordings and found that a man was stabbed in the neck by another man in an attempted robbery. It happened in front of the Key Bank at Madison & Summit, and was reported by an anonymous 911 caller who described the suspect as a white male with a long brown pony tail, a white t-shirt, and who was carrying a jacket over his arm.

Police responded with a couple of minutes but couldn’t find any sign of either the suspect or a victim. But evidently the victim took advantage of the fact that he was across the street from a major hospital complex, and he was found by police in the Swedish ER just ten minutes later. His injury was described as non-life-threatening.

An somewhat uncooperative witness at the scene told police that the suspect was last seen walking northbound on Summit.

0 thoughts on “Man stabbed in the neck during First Hill robbery

  1. If we can get rid of that bar next door to Key Bank, we will be able to get rid of a lot of the problems that happen on that block.

  2. There is a Key Bank on First Hill. I assumed that this story was related to that one not the one on E. Union, right?

  3. The key bank by swedish has no bar. There is, however, an overabundance of methadone patients that sometimes like to stir up trouble.

  4. The address on the incident report is “Madison St/Summit Ave,” so yes, you’re right.

  5. Sorry for the confusion – i’ve updated the story to clarify the location as the Key Bank on First Hill