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Clean Greens Harvest Day Sept 3rd

Clean Greens will be harvesting vegetables for the weekly market. There’s a lot of food in the field that needs to be picked so the neighborhood can enjoy this fresh produce at affordable prices. Help us keep this program sustainable for our community, and enjoy a morning in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley.

Come on out to the farm to help with the bountiful harvest. We’ll meet at New Hope Baptist Church (116 21st Ave East) at 7am to head out to the farm. Feel free to join us later that morning at the farm if you can’t get to the church by 7am. The farm is located at 20121 West Snoqualmie River Road.

0 thoughts on “Clean Greens Harvest Day Sept 3rd

  1. I’d like to help out with the harvest, if I show up at the church will there be a ride for me? Also is there an estimated time of return? Thanks!

  2. Hi, Scott
    Yes, if you can get to the church at 7am, there should be a ride for you. As far as a return, I believe they’ve been leaving between 11am and noon, so you could be back before 1pm.

  3. Well… the church is not located at 116 21st ave east. This is the address given here and on the event page of your website, but it’s a bunch of town homes. I got there just before 7, but by the time I got home and figured out that the real address doesn’t have the east on the end it’s too late. Good luck with the harvesting and hopefully I can make it out to the next one now that I know the real address.


  4. Sorry, Scott. When I looked up the address on Google yesterday, I thought it gave me the East. Evidently that was incorrect. I still get a bit confused by Seattle street addresses after being here for over a year. There are three 116 21st Ave addresses in Seattle. The church is 116 21st Ave with no direction.

    Come on over to the market (at 116 21st Ave) 10am-3pm tomorrow or Saturday. I’ll put aside some plums for you.