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Neighbors Setting Up Their Own Tent City (?)

So we have some problematic neighbors. They’re druggie loaffers who rent a house and therefore take absolutely no pride in where they live. Garbage all over, home falling apart. Well today, a tent went up in the backyard. I know it’s early, but I get the feeling someone’s gonna be living back there. I’ll give in a couple of days to see what pans out, then I’m leaning on the city for a potential grievance. Anyone ever deal with anything like this before?

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  1. At my old house in Leschi the neighbors constantly had relatives in a tent in back. They’d take my hose and run it through the fence to their tent and let it run down the hill constantly so they had water when they wanted it. My water bill was ridiculous. I yelled at them twice about it, to no avail, “What hose? That one there? I don’t know who put that there.” Finally I removed the hose completely from the house, and started turning my water off at the street when I went to work in the day time. The only thing that finally got them out of there was calling the health department repeatedly.