Yesler way – serious craters/fractures leftover from road work?

Was driving east up yesler this evening and was surprised to hit some really bumpy craters/fractures which look to be leftoever from some kind of road work done across the street. The two worst areas were around 12th and also around Boren. Anyone else notice this? There were no warning cones or signs so I was surprised to hit something that deep (glad I slowed down). I was about to write a note to the city about it but wanted to check with others first.

Brian Donahue – neighborhood watch organizer making rounds?

I live close to the Douglass-Truth library. My roommate says that during the heat wave last week, an older caucasian man called “Brian Donahue” came by to talk about organizing neighborhood watches and was collecting email addresses from people that were interested. Anyone else had a visitor like that? If you’re Brian and reading this, please say hi :)

Beware..Pick-pockets around Cafe Presse

I was at Cafe Presse tonite with a friend, it was busy as usual on a monday nite. As we were talking over the live music, I was somewhat surprised to notice the man at the next table, very slowly easing his hand into my friends purse (which lay between them on the seat). I called out to him and he seemed startled and started profusely apologizing that he was just moving his hand along to the music and didn’t do it intentionally. I thought to myself, maybe I did imagine that it looked deliberate? Besides, I just caught it with my peripheral vision. Anyway, we just let it go and he continued to sit there for a bit, then moved to the bar for a while then quickly left without ordering. Two of the Cafe Presse staff followed him out because they said that he was acting weird earlier when he’d arrived and one of them had seen me talking to him and could tell that there had been some incident. They said he was quickly joined by some other man and they ran off around the corner of Madison.

Anyway, just be warned to watch out for your belongings in a crowded place.

Woman robbed at gunpoint near Seattle University

During the noon hour today, an SU student reported to Campus Public Safety that she was robbed near campus last night by an unknown male who displayed a handgun. The student reported to Seattle Police last night that she was walking home at approximately 8 p.m. to an off-campus apartment near the intersection of Spring St. and Boylston Ave. (two blocks northwest of campus). An unknown male then walked up behind her and told her to give him her purse while holding a handgun. The male took the purse and ran from the scene. The suspect was described as an African-American male, approximately 22-24 years of age, approximately 5?2? to 5?4?, and wearing a black, puffy, knee-length jacket with a fur-lined hood. Seattle Police Department conducted an area-wide search but the suspect was not observed.