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Yesler way – serious craters/fractures leftover from road work?

Was driving east up yesler this evening and was surprised to hit some really bumpy craters/fractures which look to be leftoever from some kind of road work done across the street. The two worst areas were around 12th and also around Boren. Anyone else notice this? There were no warning cones or signs so I was surprised to hit something that deep (glad I slowed down). I was about to write a note to the city about it but wanted to check with others first.

5 thoughts on “Yesler way – serious craters/fractures leftover from road work?

  1. A private utility has been working in this area and the pavement will be repaired early next week.

  2. This was (some of, this time on the gas-lines) the work to get ready for the upcoming, and probably long-ongoing, deconstruction of the street for the trolley which will allow folks to get from the light rail station in the International District to the light rail station on Capitol Hill. (and sure, the light rail train will get you there too — but wow, who will want to miss the chance to ride on a cute trolley??) —

    Anyway — they’ve dug up the street. They will repair the street. And dig it up again. And patch it again —-

  3. I sent the city a note, recommended that they add some signage about the pits