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Brian Donahue – neighborhood watch organizer making rounds?

I live close to the Douglass-Truth library. My roommate says that during the heat wave last week, an older caucasian man called “Brian Donahue” came by to talk about organizing neighborhood watches and was collecting email addresses from people that were interested. Anyone else had a visitor like that? If you’re Brian and reading this, please say hi :)

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  1. Hi. I’m Brian and, yes, have started to collect names and emails for potential Neighborhood Watch effort. If you’re interested to talk, let’s meet for coffee or tea.

    I’ve lived near 20th and Washington for about three years. The area has improved: Police shut down a crack house on my street (it’s been remodeled and sold), and more people are walking and biking around.

    But Pratt Park is a persistent draw for crack dealers and customers, and it’s too bad that the recent police DMI program didn’t include Pratt. I know drug sales happening in many pockets of the CD, and I’m hopeful that DMI can have positive impact. Apart from calling police to report suspected crime, I need to better understand what we neighbors can do — and if enough people are really interested — to take more of a stand against drug-dealing in our part of the CD.

  2. We would be interested to find out what has been set-up or interest in our neighborhood and what we can do to help
    location 29th and jackson

  3. Hi, Brian – you’ve attended a couple of the same meetings I have. What I’ve learned from such meetings and from experience in my own neighborhood (23rd and E. Union) is that you’re on the right track in trying to form a neighborhood group. Getting to know our neighbors and watch out for each other is important. Patronizing local businesses helps. Using local parks for positive activities makes it less attractive for the dealers and their customers to be there. The Good Vibe festival this past Saturday at Blanche Lavizzo Park (a block from Pratt) is an example, as is the monthly music-and-fun event at Flo Ware Park (28th and S. Jackson) during the summer. Calling 911 when appropriate is all-important.

    Other local neighborhoods have had success with creating P-Patches, taking care of traffic circle plantings, holding barbecues and street clean-ups and yard sales – anything that says “we live here and we want it to be a nice place – you’re welcome to join us but not to try to destroy it.”

    Attending local meetings such as the East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition or your local community council or whatever gives you a chance to give input, share ideas, and meet like-minded people. The CDN events calendar is a great source of info for what’s going on. Some people have the time and skills to volunteer with some of the community services that help keep kids from getting involved in negative activities.

    Best of luck with this!

  4. (Sorry for the late response.)

    Thanks, Carolyn. “Hendrixfan” and “Leschi Heights apartments” — let me know if you’d like to meet for coffee at S-bucks or Soho either day this weekend to say hello in person.