Yellow Foreclosure Help signs?

“Stop Foreclosure, yellow signs “

First the sign is not mine but is alarming – please read the correct information below”

Making Home Affordable is a free help program that the OBAMA adminstration put together to help you or a family or neighbor. It is free – HAFA

You do not need to list your house to get the help and first off listing your house could compromise your ability. Call your Bank who has your mortgage and ask about the MAKING HOME AFFORDABLE PROGRAM.

Here is what you need to know:

Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA) Program

The HAFA program was designed to give homeowners alternatives to a foreclosure, which include incentives for completing a short sale. If your home sale can close as a HAFA transaction, you will emerge owing no deficiency. However, it can be very difficult to qualify as a HAFA transaction. For more information on the options available, visit the HAFA program website

To find the option for which you may be eligible.


To find out if your mortgage servicer participates in the HAFA program go to

For More Information, Visit

: The Washington Department of Financial Institutions website:

Seattle U is Superman in the CD! Seattle Times article by Katherine Long posted tonight

Seattle U. to help entire neighborhood around Central District school

Seattle University’s relationship with a Seattle public school is about to become much more significant. On Monday, the private Jesuit university announced a $1 million-a-year project to greatly expand the help it gives to Bailey Gatzert Elementary — to include the school’s entire neighborhood, one of the lowest-income areas in the city.

Seattle Times higher education reporter

For 20 years, Seattle University students have trekked to nearby Bailey Gatzert Elementary to lend a hand with tutoring in the city’s highest-poverty school.

That relationship with the Seattle public school is about to become much more significant. On Monday, the private Jesuit university announced a $1 million-a-year project to greatly expand the help it gives Bailey Gatzert to include the elementary school’s entire neighborhood in the Central District, one of the lowest-income areas in the city.

Modeled in part after the Harlem Children’s Zone, the university’s Youth Initiative will bring a broad range of assistance to the neighborhood, including more tutoring and after-school help, free legal aid to recent immigrants provided by the university’s law school and free health assistance from the nursing school.

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Garfield Neighborhood stops – crime CCTV

Garfield Neighborhood

We have had a few experiences as of recent. Foot crime – same person of question last night 1:56AM made his way to the front of the home. Walked completely around the Suburban, broke the window on the passengers side, this same person is also the same person who is also pictured walking with the goods from the crime on 24th on the 17th. 

Garfield Neighbors will be posting: neighborhood watch signs and they do have CCTV. survellience warning signs up in the area. 

24th Burglery – basement window 12/15/2010

Christmas bandits – Garfield neighborhood pre-Christmas burglery. Our neighbors have reported: 


Three laptops, a 24″ MAC, WIii and Ipod. Entry was from a basement window. One neighbor reported: possibly North from Yesler and 25th 5:23pm coming into the neighborhood and then seperately exiting with oversized belongings under coats at 5:44pm headed toward Yesler street.

Watch closely and report any and all information to Officer Britt and the East Precinct.

Attempted Wheel Steelers

Today while my truck was parked at the Garfield School someone attempted to steel the spare wheel off the back of the truck. I have Gorilla locks – do not keep the key in the car. They took three bolts off and then realized it was not able to be stolen.

Adult Protective Services and Homes

This is a topic with many levels. This time last year time; one of our neighbors mentioned his next door neighbor of many years was no longer living in the home and could I find out what was going on with his home. He then went on to explain that the neighbor had not been well for some time and that he had been mowing his lawn and checking on him over the course of many years – as all of us do with our elderly neighbors.

He mentioned the “Husband of the Guardian- Cynthia Hanning/Customized Care Services” mentioned the house would go on the market and listed with a Real Estate person once it was cleaned up – as well the neighbor inquired numerous times to the Guardians: How is James Brown? Where is James Brown?

The home never went on the market – and sold to a person silently – the agent  had also sold this same person a home on E Jefferson Street, which has now finally sold – a home that had also been in the hands of an Executor Cynthia Hanning /Customized Care Services.

Did James Brown have any relatives? He lived on the corner of 25th and Yesler. The house sits empty purchased at a deeply discounted amount….when I inquired of an Attorney she mentioned it was also a hot topic for her.



RCW 11.92.110Sale of real estate.

The order directing the sale of any of the real property of the estate of the incapacitated person shall specify the particular property affected and the method, whether by public or private sale or by negotiation, and terms thereof, and with regard to the procedure and notices to be employed in conducting such sale, the provisions of RCW 11.56.060, 11.56.070, 11.56.080, and 11.56.110 shall be followed unless the court otherwise directs.

[1990 c 122 § 29; 1975 1st ex.s. c 95 § 26; 1965 c 145 § 11.92.110. Prior: 1917 c 156 § 214; RRS § 1524; prior: Code 1881 § 1623; 1860 p 229 § 340.]



     Effective date — 1990 c 122: See note following RCW 11.88.005.

Help our dog is missing

Beautiful golden lab “SKIP” he is ten years old, just took himself for a walk without permission

Has a plaid collar for the holidays. No name tags its a new collar.


Found thank you everyone who helped us today.