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Adult Protective Services and Homes

This is a topic with many levels. This time last year time; one of our neighbors mentioned his next door neighbor of many years was no longer living in the home and could I find out what was going on with his home. He then went on to explain that the neighbor had not been well for some time and that he had been mowing his lawn and checking on him over the course of many years – as all of us do with our elderly neighbors.

He mentioned the “Husband of the Guardian- Cynthia Hanning/Customized Care Services” mentioned the house would go on the market and listed with a Real Estate person once it was cleaned up – as well the neighbor inquired numerous times to the Guardians: How is James Brown? Where is James Brown?

The home never went on the market – and sold to a person silently – the agent  had also sold this same person a home on E Jefferson Street, which has now finally sold – a home that had also been in the hands of an Executor Cynthia Hanning /Customized Care Services.

Did James Brown have any relatives? He lived on the corner of 25th and Yesler. The house sits empty purchased at a deeply discounted amount….when I inquired of an Attorney she mentioned it was also a hot topic for her.



RCW 11.92.110Sale of real estate.

The order directing the sale of any of the real property of the estate of the incapacitated person shall specify the particular property affected and the method, whether by public or private sale or by negotiation, and terms thereof, and with regard to the procedure and notices to be employed in conducting such sale, the provisions of RCW 11.56.060, 11.56.070, 11.56.080, and 11.56.110 shall be followed unless the court otherwise directs.

[1990 c 122 § 29; 1975 1st ex.s. c 95 § 26; 1965 c 145 § 11.92.110. Prior: 1917 c 156 § 214; RRS § 1524; prior: Code 1881 § 1623; 1860 p 229 § 340.]



     Effective date — 1990 c 122: See note following RCW 11.88.005.

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  1. I’m not sure if the above was the actual story or only a comment to a story. I was alerted to this site by google because I asked to be alerted when an article referred to a guardianship.

    The paragraph above sounds like typical guardianship tactics. Guardianships are the nasty little secret of probate courts around the nation. Someone finds an elder in decline, refers it to law enforcement and/or APS, which in turn refers the situation and the elder to the probate court. If the elder has money, the probate court makes no discernible effort to find relatives. It will assign a guardian whose goal is to get the elder out of the house as quickly as possible and into a nursing home. The house is then sold, the money going with any other assets to the guardian’s pockets for all kinds of pretended “services.” When the money is gone, so is the guardian. The taxpayers pick up the cost.

  2. Its a real story, there is much more on the players to these two homes and the sales. I am hopeful someone knows James Brown or the family, I did not find one notification for him.

  3. Georgia Newton and James Brown

    Here is what I have gathered:
    Georgia Newton was assigned a guardian – I spoke with the buyers wife the investor for 1801 E Jefferson Street: she works at a care facility. The Executor informed her and her husband about the house on 18th – the Realtor with in a day on the market had the house under contract – some time between the purchase and then the Guardianship period for James Brown, Realtor and Husband of the Executor decide the house is unhabitable, they sell it at rock bottom price to investor of the previous sale. All the while Mr. Husband for the executor informs the neighbor on 25th that he has “25 more cases just like Mr. Browns.” I start digging for more dirt – I call the Realtor and ask questions, then suddenly her name is no longer on the listing for the resale of the Investors now finished “FLIPPER – on Jefferson”
    Digging deeper we find that Executor serves on a committee with others and her Realtor informs me that in 2010 – it is going to be easier for the Executors to sell these homes. I notice that the forms look like a library on line – the overseeing of Elderly looks like the latest scam we just went thru with the money making folks who did assisted living and have been exposed.
    Oddly enought the Executor for James and Georgia was also the Executor in the paper for the man in the Green Lake area who was taken advantage of by the used car sales man.
    Now Executor was a Realtor – is she in fact hanging her license in a referral capacity and what others are not having next of kin notified.
    I suppose this might perhaps be another fall out of our too busy society we had during the upswing of the market – I did notice a new hearing that took place for the Guardians – new changes to there rules. But – here again it is maintained virtually by those in control. It is at best an area that ought to be more accountable – I am CERTAIN all are under market and largely sold without going on the Market. It is the Duty of a Realtor to place these homes on the Market – it is also Ethical to do all that a person can to locate the family.

    I find it hard to beleive that Mr. Brown at the age of 90 did not have one living Relative!

  4. If you have a full name and date of birth for Mr. Brown you can search any number of public records, including criminal records, to find others family members connected with him. Do you have a full name and DOB?

  5. I think I know who the realtor is. I would like to share information to confirm it’s the same person and help in any way I can…

  6. Georgia Newton’s family is alive and well! The same guardian took her property away from her, and she is now living in a nursing home. She does not care about the care of Georgia Newton. I am her sister, and I know that she’s is thrown away (or so cynthia hanning thinks). I could not do anything at the time, because she has children of her own.